Photo Gallery

The Photo Gallery section is often the most visited page on your website – and can easily be updated by staff with Aurelius Studio. 
We offer a wide variety of Photo Gallery designs. One popular style allows viewers to click on the image to enlarge it and see written text details. Another way to use photos is with a “image slider” that can show a photo slideshow on any page of your website.
Stay up-to-date. With the Aurelius Studio platform, your staff can easily upload or remove images and photo descriptions to the Photo Gallery to keep your website current.

The images in your Photo Gallery can show your good work.

Photo Galleries are a great way to connect with your constituents.

A U.S. Flag flying over the Capitol at night can serve as video “wallpaper” on your site.

You can embed Live and Recorded Committee Hearings on your website.

Photo Slider

Staff can easily add images to a Photo Slider anywhere on your website to add interest or show photos on a specific topic.

U.S. Military Service Academy Nominations