Our Services

At Aurelius Studio, we are the place where good government and technology meet. Elected leaders and candidates can no longer rely on traditional websites that only provide basic information. Constituents want to feel connected to their representative with access to useful information, up-to-date communications, clear messaging and images that tell a compelling story. We offer a comprehensive communications strategy that offers the best media production facilities as well as analytics and SEO technology to ensure you reach your audience.

Let us design your media communication strategy to be the best – and stay ahead in today’s competitive environment.

Congressional Websites

We provide website development and design as part of our contract with the U.S. Congress.


We bring decades of experience doing campaign websites for State and Federal Candidates.


We offer television and radio studio facilities, satellite uplink and editing just minutes from the Capitol.


We bring analytics and SEO technology to study big data, understand trends and reach voters.