Strategic Analytics

At Aurelius Studio we bring our expertise working with Analytics, AI and Machine Learning to your campaign. We’ve worked with top global companies including United Airlines, Discover Financial Services, Echo Logistics and others – to help improve their strategic relationships with their customers. We use this same technology to help you understand the digital landscape and reach voters.

To do this, we use Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to look at large amounts of data to find trends. We are then able to apply the information we learned to target the voter. With this information we can make better decisions, choose how to allocate resources and improve voter reach.

In addition, we use Sentiment Analytics technology to assess the “sentiment” of the customer throughout their “customer journey” and provide real-time solutions. Knowing your voter’s sentiment can be the key to success in a closely-fought election. Let us work with you to provide a customized solution to meet your campaign needs – and stay ahead of the competition.