Spanish Language Translation

We we can provide Spanish Translation for all the text on your website. At Aurelius Studio we make it easy for users to quickly move from English to Spanish whether on a regular browser, mobile phone or tablet.
Simply toggle on the Español icon at the top of the page to choose either English or Spanish language. All text will automatically translate into Spanish for the entire site.

An example of Spanish Translation can be seen on our prototype website. Click on Español on the top right and the site now reads in Spanish:

Another example of Spanish Translation can be seen on our Sen. Ben Cardin prototype page. Click on the Spanish flag for instant Spanish translation :

We offer translation services for archived website material as well as ongoing translation services for press releases, news stories, forms and site content.  Reach out to us for more information on our language translation services.

In addition to Spanish translation, we can customize your website to include multiple language translation options for any language you choose.