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Your website only looks great if there is up-to-date content that is easy to view and relevant to your constituents. That is why we make it simple for designated Senate staff to edit and upload content to your site.

With Aurelius Studio Upload Center you can add photos, videos, press releases and more.  In addition, your site can automatically update your social media feeds, provide lists of your current sponsored and co-sponsored legislation and show your current voting record.

At Aurelius Studio, we design websites that are current – and allow staff to easily edit to ensure your constituents are kept informed with issues as they happen.

Photo Gallery

Photo Slider

Staff can easily add images to a Photo Slider anywhere on your website to add interest or show photos on a specific topic.

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Staff can upload videos daily to keep your website current. You can also upload background videos for site pages.

Press Releases

You can quickly upload Press Releases including text, photos and videos to keep your constituents informed.

Social Media

Its easy to keep your constituents up-to-date with automatically updating links to your Social Media feeds. Feeds can be used on the main landing page or anywhere else on your site.

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With Aurelius Studio, we automatically update all your current Sponsored and Co-Sponsored legislation.

Voting Record

Your Voting Record is updated in real-time showing whether you voted Yea or Nay on all procedures, bills and nominations.